Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lene's blog

Lene has started a blog with loads of her fantastic works. visit her blog here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another shipping note

The book is ready for Australia. I would like to apologise to Lene and to the probably only person following this blog by now. Sorry. I should have done a lot more work and a hell of a lot sooner. I am sorry, it will not happen again.
On a lighter note, Lene and I have talked about the possibility of selling the book through ebay once we are done filling the pages. We would like to hear if that would be something any one you would be interested in. Owning the original and first 8861miles sketchbook. with smells, stains, and loads of original art. Let us know, okay. (Peter)

Pages 73-74



I used my sons brown crayon for this contemplating young man. (Peter)

Pages 71-72


Another brushpen drawing, this time without a pencil sketch to follow. some parts work, some don't. The lines turn rather grayish on the moleskinpaper... it actually looks better on cheap paper. expensive crap. (Peter)

Pages 69-70



I actually did a small sketch before I started inking with my brushpen, not that it shows. the drawing is as scruffy as the bear. (Peter)

Pages 67-68 finished

This should break a smile or two. acrylics. (Peter)

Pages 63-64 finished

Acrylics on black ink. (Peter)

Pages 65-66



navn eller titel til billedet
This is almost finished, just needs to rinse. (Peter)

Pages 61-62



Not much to say here, big heads in need of color perhaps.(Peter)