Sunday, December 04, 2005

Book 01: pages 43-44



You can never have to many dinosaurs - can you? (Lene)

Book 01: pages 41-42


Book 01: pages 39-40 finished

I really liked this spread, so I just added a few brush lines to the bird and the dino, to make them jump out a bit. (Peter)

They are all over my garden. I guess they had to appear in my drawings. Cheeky birds! (Lene)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hand-over note

The book will not ship out by mail this time. Lene is visiting in Denmark for a few days, the book will be handed over in person during a day of drawing at the local zoo. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 37-38 finished

Oops, I am so sorry about that. (Lene)

This was so much fun to do. An old worn out brush and a bottle of trusted ink... straight to finish. (I forgot to write in the pagenumber before I scanned it) (Peter)

Book 01: pages 35-36



It's a good thing scanned imgaes can't transcend smells, cause this one is a real stinker. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 33-34




I just couldn't help it, he was screaming for that. (Lene)

I love the feeling of just jumping into the page and hoping for the best. Sometimes in works out fine,like in this one (in my opinion). And then other times, like page 35-36, you're sinking from the second your ill-chosen tool touches the slick surface of the paper. (Peter)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Book 01: pages 31-32

How about a little focus. Penguin style. (Peter)

I still think it needs something. (Lene)

I am hoping you can do something nice with this. (I couldn't) (Lene)

Book 01: pages 29-30



I'm not really sure what I was hoping to accomplish with this "shrimp-devil" (Peter)


Book 01: pages 27-28 finished

This is what music can do to you. (Lene)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Book 01: Second shipping note

So far I'm the only one writing shipping notes. But I'm hoping this will change. Well... the book is well under way, and I'm starting to feel really good about this. Getting the book in the mail almost feels like christmas and sending it of feels like... I would have liked to have had more time, so I could have done a few more spreads, but I also want to keep the ball rolling. So off it goes. When it arrives at Lene's house in a week or so, it will have travelled 26583 miles so far. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 25-26 finished

Added some color to the pig, and a few splashes to the sailor riding it's back.(Peter)


White pencil on top of black india ink. In my head it all worked out fine, but then came reality knocking down the door. I'm hoping Lene can work some old school magic on this lemon. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 23-24 finished

Time in the park, with much needed room for reflection. This spread is also finished. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 21-22 finished

The word balloon reads: "Where are you now, Paul and Reinhart my old friends?". Paul is the character at the bottom right. And out of respect for Paul (not Reinhart, he's quite the ass). I'm declaring this spread finished by marking it with a page number. (Peter)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Book 01: pages 19-20 finished


Sunset in the outback?(Peter)

Yes, well this is Australia. (Lene)

Book 01: pages 17-18 finished


Shit happens. Maybe Lene will rescue him? (Peter)

This little fellow is just open for all sorts of things to happen to him. (Lene)

Book 01: pages 15-16


It's not like I hate plants, I just don't have the same ecstatic fascination with them as Lene has. Some people have green fingers, Lene is green from top to toe. Having said that, I think I reacted to this spread in a very gentle manner. (Peter)

I know Peter isn't to keen on plants, so I am excited to see what will happen to these pages. (Lene)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Book 01 - first shipping note

This is it. Our first collaboration book is about to get stuffed into a sturdy envelope and travel around the world to the red rock, known as Australia. Where my dear friend and partner in artistic crime, Lene, hopefully awaits the arrival of this little black book, soon to be filled with all kinds of nonse and beauty. This blog: 8861 miles, will show the different stages the book and its pages will undergo, before we declare it complete and auction the book of for sale. I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we most certainly will. (Peter, proud to be the one to vandalise the first pages.)

Book 01: pages 13-14

Here comes the machines... If she hated what was there before, maybe she'll love this. Maybe not.(Peter)

A little drastic I know, but I hated that page. (Lene)


A work-in-progress... I'll bet you Lene has glued some more weird Australian stamps to these pages, when I see them the next time. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 11-12 finished

Well playtime is over, I'm declaring this spread finished. It's for the best. The poor pages have absorbed everything from colored pencil to india ink to pastels and for some odd reason way too much water. (Peter)

This was so much fun playing with. (Lene)

Soft pencils and sweaty palms. Is there a better combination? (Peter)

Book 01: pages 9-10 finished

Apparently the wintergreen oil, or some other crappy material applied while the book was down under, made it's way through the pages and now grace page 9 as well. (Peter)


I am not quite sure where this abominable snowman came from. (Lene)

I'm not really sure what the heck I was thinking. Definitely a spread that needs... something. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 7-8 finished

Not only did you declare this page finished - now it smells of wintergreen oil. (Lene)

I've added a little acrylic as a final touch to this diverse page. (Peter)

Oops! He turned into a pelican. (Lene)


This one could be fun to work on again, when the book returns... unless Lene has plastered these pages with all kinds of sticky stuff and powders. (Peter)