Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Book 01 - first shipping note

This is it. Our first collaboration book is about to get stuffed into a sturdy envelope and travel around the world to the red rock, known as Australia. Where my dear friend and partner in artistic crime, Lene, hopefully awaits the arrival of this little black book, soon to be filled with all kinds of nonse and beauty. This blog: 8861 miles, will show the different stages the book and its pages will undergo, before we declare it complete and auction the book of for sale. I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we most certainly will. (Peter, proud to be the one to vandalise the first pages.)

Book 01: pages 13-14

Here comes the machines... If she hated what was there before, maybe she'll love this. Maybe not.(Peter)

A little drastic I know, but I hated that page. (Lene)


A work-in-progress... I'll bet you Lene has glued some more weird Australian stamps to these pages, when I see them the next time. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 11-12 finished

Well playtime is over, I'm declaring this spread finished. It's for the best. The poor pages have absorbed everything from colored pencil to india ink to pastels and for some odd reason way too much water. (Peter)

This was so much fun playing with. (Lene)

Soft pencils and sweaty palms. Is there a better combination? (Peter)

Book 01: pages 9-10 finished

Apparently the wintergreen oil, or some other crappy material applied while the book was down under, made it's way through the pages and now grace page 9 as well. (Peter)


I am not quite sure where this abominable snowman came from. (Lene)

I'm not really sure what the heck I was thinking. Definitely a spread that needs... something. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 7-8 finished

Not only did you declare this page finished - now it smells of wintergreen oil. (Lene)

I've added a little acrylic as a final touch to this diverse page. (Peter)

Oops! He turned into a pelican. (Lene)


This one could be fun to work on again, when the book returns... unless Lene has plastered these pages with all kinds of sticky stuff and powders. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 5-6 finished


The character on the left had to leave... enter a dumb bear. When will we see karla?(Peter)

Would you look at the teeth on that "hey partner" character! He must be that special beef eating duck the Scottish are always talking about. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 3-4


The stamps I have pasted on the left page, were from the package Lene sent me the book in. (Peter)

The shellack has a nice effect on this side though. (well I think so) (Lene)

I guess all beginnings are really awkward. Notice how I even skipped the page on the left. The drawing... well nothing much to say here, it was all about getting my feet wet and discovering what materials didn't work well on these pages. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 1-2



This could be used for inspiration.(Peter)

Sorry, about that. Once in my hands and it's all smudged up.(Lene)

Not much on these first pages so far, except for a time stamp indicating when this crazy project started. (Peter)

Book 01: cover

I didn't have the courage to mess with the cover either - yet! (Lene)

I did not have the guts to mess with the cover. (Peter)