Monday, January 16, 2006

Third shipping note

A lot of black ink and acrylic went into the pages this time around. Now it's time to put the book in a sturdy envelope and send it to Australia, where Lene hopefully will add lots of new pages and lift some of the old ones to higher grounds. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 53-54



The return of Paul (on the right). Looking snappier than ever. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 51-52


Drawing a blind. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 49-50 Finished


Well. I started out wanting to paint a really funny looking frog. Then I downgraded my wishes / hopes and setteled for a frog-looking thing. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 47-48 finished

Lene says you can't have too many dino's. I agree, and the same goes for frogs. Anyone you have visited my own blog will know what I mean. (Peter)

Book 01: pages 45-46